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The Last Cartographer

Me, today. What are you up to? You seem like your enjoying this. You should see it here. This is where the money went It's like it's made of light Join me? You can't stay there hello?

Now I can really shoot the city Or what' s left of it. I take pictures. Most people think you take photos of things. But Im interested in what's outside the frame. beneath the frame The surface under the surface. Or whatever, its all water now. What changes when you take a photo? Nothing. A picture does nothing - but it preserves something. At least I hope. I wanted things to change - wanted to make things change. I thought I could. Now I document what's left. Damn, I dropped my phone. I can Help You" Here, try this. What is this thing?

I'm learning to think with my feet... I can't say if the city is familiar or unfamiliar. Neither works. I grew up here. I have seen it change many times. Is this any different? Probably. Im a cartographer. A mapmaker. I miss sushi. Dirty water. Was everything always so dirty? The longitudes and latitudes of land will need to be redrawn. Wet pavement feels good on my feet. I love it here. Loved it here? Love it here. Why did we Is this human geography? Squatters in multimillion dollar condos I dreamt she asked me where I was. Is she walking on sand? Cool tiles? Flying? We used to Grey and cold. And moving. Things floating in it: what is this place? Water, water, everywhere Where am I? Need to get to high ground. The city is sinking. Is this weird? I am sorry. I hear myself moving through water; it's the absence of her voice. Hey, that's my bike That's fine. Well, shall We? We're here

Someone has to, right? Sounds beautiful. Shit, someone stole my bike.

It is? Sorry I think it's not that useful anymore.